June 23rd, 2011

Stephen Roberts.

Its taken a while for me to gather my thoughts and come to terms with what has happened over the last 2 weeks. I’ve tried to be strong and make sure everyone is doing ok, that is my goal and for you my brother, that was my mission.

Bob, words cannot describe how important a person you were, you taught me how to live, how to get through life and how to have the best time i possibly could. You brought so much happiness to me and every single person around you and for that im grateful.

Letting go of anyone is hard, letting go of a friend, a brother and a sheer inspiration of life is another thing, you ment the world to me, you ment the world the world to all of us!

Today we all had to do something so painfull and hard but id like to remember the good times, me and you driving around scotland on a whim, boness to berwick upon tweed, edinburgh to moscow! You winding me up every chance you got just to see how strong i was, Us going out to a club and dancing all night long to fatboy and 2manydjs!

You ment the world, you gave us all the fire that we all currrently have to strive and carry on. For that im thankfull! Im thankfull for the times we had, im thankfull for every moment i spent with you and im thankfull for the joy you brought upon all of us.

I can honestly say that i dont know what i am going to do without you but i do know that your legacy will live on forever in our hearts. You really were the most important person i knew and you created so much joy and inspiration upon us all. My thoughts, all of our thoughts are currently with your family and it was such a fitting tribute to you today, as a friend it made me proud. It made us all proud, just like yourself.

You rest in peace buddy and know that whatever we all do in life, we will never, ever forget you! I love you so god dam much and i shall never ever forget you.

lots of love

Alistair Shirlaw.


June 7th, 2011


We are almost a month away from sonisphere at knebworth this year, im truely excited, for many reasons!!! First off, this is a completely new festival for me, the previous years have been spent causing havok at download and t in the park, this year however downloads line-up came up extremely short for the asking price and sonisphere done nothing but continually deliver announcement after announcement!!! Another reason im excited for this festival is that the group of people that are going to this is huge, its going to be messy, fun, drunken, stupid, in some cases dangerous… the other main reason is the line-up, its fuckin magic, downright unbelieveable, fuckin stonking, outragous, tower collapsing, earth shatteringly good!!! (From a rock music point of view) So i just thought id write down all the bands, in a simialr idea to my mate mike, just to blow my own mind again!!! :D

Friday: (Relatively easy day) Diamond head, Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica.

Saturday: (Slightly more complex day) Sylosis, Richard Cheese, Architects, Pulled Apart by horses, Periphery, One minute silence, Gojira, Weezer, The Mars Volta and Biffy Clyro.

Sunday: (Weight loss day) Volbeat, Black Tide, Arch Enemy, House Of Pain, Parkway Drive, In Flames, Mastodon, Airbourne, Motorhead, Opeth… That so far is all one after the other… Bill Bailey and Slipknot.

There is also a dj set from tek-one after hours that i shall be attending. so for 29 acts and £200 i think i got a not bad deal, especially when you consider some of the big baw busters in this line-up! Now, all one needs to do is buy a tent, booze and actually recieve ones ticket in the post and im sorted!!!

If everything goes to plan, tune in for my global gathering line up, if you like dance, its outragous, that of course is if i go!!!! lol

May 5th, 2011

Thursdays very long rock/metal work playlist! phew!

AC/DC: Back in black

Black Sabbath: Heaven and hell

Ted Nugent: Cat Scratch Fever

Slipknot: Dead memories

Them Crooked Vultures: Elephants

Ozzy Osbourne: Bark at the moon

Rush: Overture

Placebo: Pure morning

Biffy Clyro: Glitter and trauma

The Mars Volta: Goliath

Coheed And Cambria: Ten speed of gods blood

Metallica: Motorbreath

Led Zeppelin: Communication Breakdown

Asking Alexandria: A Candle Lit Dinner With Inamorta

Periphery: The Walk

Judas Priest: Breaking the law

Blink 182: Feeling this

Nine Inch Nails: Head down

Nirvana: Heart shaped box

Deftones: Diamond eyes

Rolo Tomassi: Cosmology

A Perfect Circle: The outsider

Mastodon: Circle of cysquatch

Megadeth: Head Crusher

Sylosis: Beyond the ressurected

Motley Crue: Shout at the devil

Van Halen: Panama

Kiss: Crazy, crazy nights

Parkway Drive: Leviathan I

Dillinger Escape Plan: Black Bubble Gum

Bon Jovi: Its my life

Pantera: Cemetery Gates

Killswitch Engage: The end of heartache

Alestorm: Nancy the tavern wench

Black Label Society: Forever down

Faith No More: A small victory

Alter Bridge: Isolation

Black Stone Cherry: Rain Wizzard

Yes: Fortune Seller

Joe Satriani: Surfing with the alien

Dream Theater: Panic Attack

Aerosmith: Angel

Slayer: Angel Of Death

Bring Me The Horizon: Blessed with a curse

Fall Out Boy: Dance, dance

The Misfits: Die, die my darling

Weezer: My name is jonas

Queen: Im going slightly mad

Iron Maiden: The prowler

Architects: An open letter to myself

Pearl Jam: Black

Soundgarden: Rusty Cage

Living Colour: Type

Skunk Anansie: Brazen (weep)

Muse: Starlight

Rob Zombie: Dragula

Rolling Stones: Under My thumb

Meshuggah: Obzen

Anthrax: Among the living

System Of A Down: Ariels

Journey: Seperate ways

Rage Against The Machine: Bulls on parade

A Day To Remember: All i want

Isis: In Fiction

Tool: Jambi

Opeth: The Lotus eater

Paramore: Thats what you get

Marilyn Manson: The nobodies

Queens Of The Stoneage: No one knows

Foo Fighters: Rope

Bury Your Dead: Womb Disease

Incubus: Pardon Me

The Locust: Dog without a collar

March 9th, 2011

Rather odd dance/ambient/dubstep/techno work setlist!

Sander Van Doorn: Renegade

Tek-One: Broken String

Lisa Lashes: Looking Good

Felix Da Housecat: Rocket Ride

The Prodigy: No Good For Me

Beardyman: Minimix For Annie Mac

Justice Phantom Part 2

Faithless: Salva Mea

Tiga: Shoes

Aphex Twin: Window Licker

Carl Cox: Aint It Funky Now?

Jeff Mills: Satellite Retrieval

Swedish House Mafia: Miami To Ibiza

Wolfgang Gartner: Bounce

Laurent Garnier: The Man With The Red Face

Pendulum: Propane Nightmares

Fatboy Slim: Gangster Trippin

Orbital: The Moebius

Leftfield: Phat Planet

Daft Punk: Short Circuit

Modeselektor: Dancingbox

Tiesto: I Will Be Here

Benga: 26 basslines

Infected Mushroom: The Missed Symphony

Soulwax: I Love Techno

Paul Van Dyk: Te Amo

Mylo: Destroy Rock And Roll

Vitalic: La Rock

Pogo: Alice

March 3rd, 2011

Ali’s Thursday Night Pre-Goings Out Playlist!

Mastodon: Divinations

Van Halen: Hot For Teacher

Stone Sour: Mission Statment

Rammstein: Pussy

Kiss: I Was Made For Loving You

Children Of Bodom: Needled 24/7

Nine Inch Nails: March Of The Pigs

Tek-One: Broken Strings

Bring Me The Horizon: It Never Ends

Anthrax: Antisocial (Live)

Lacuna Coil: Not Enough

Dillinger Escape Plan: Gold Teeth On A Bum

The Prodigy: Warriors Dance

Alkaline Trio: Stupid Kid

Pantera: Im Broken

Rolo Tomassi: Abraxas

Faith No More: The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies

Marilyn Manson: Little Horn

Biffy Clyro: Bubbles

Combichrist: This Is My Rifle

Periphery: The Walk

Blink 182: Feeling This

Led Zepplin: Immigrant Song

Parkway Drive: Idols And Anchors

Paramore: Thats What You Get (When You Let Your Heart Win)

Strapping Young Lad: Love?

Arch Enemy: Nemesis

Cradle Of Filth: Lord Abortion

Pendulum: Granite

Motley Crue: Kickstart My Heart

Pearl Jam: Got Some

Killswitch Engage: As Daylight Dies

Weezer: Hash Pipe

Queen: Tie Your Mother Down

February 11th, 2011

My List Of Important Directors And Their Best Films.

Im a film buff, what can I say? We all enjoy a good film, weither it makes us laugh or cry, scream or gasp. To be able to make a good film takes skill and lots of it, to make a career takes even more. So here is my list of directors that I feel have bought us some of the best cinema over the years and in my opinion their best film and runner up, which is displayed in (brackets). If your interested in this sort of thing enjoy, there are quite a few names here!

  • Guy Ritchie: Snatch, (Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrells)
  • Quentin Tarantino: Pulp Fiction, (Inglorious Basterds)
  • Danny Boyle: Trainspotting, (28 Days Later)
  • Paul McGugan: Push, (Acid House)
  • Alfred Hitchcock: Psycho, (Rear Window)
  • M. Night. Shamalyan: The Village, (Unbrakeable)
  • David Lynch: Inland Empire, (Mullholland Drive)
  • Paul Thomas Anderson: Magnolia, (Punch Drunk Love)
  • Christopher Nolan: Memento, (The Dark Knight)
  • David Fincher: Fight Club, (The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button)
  • Takashi Mike: Dead Or Alive, (Visitor Q)
  • Wes Craven: The Hills Have Eyes, (A Nightmare On Elm Street)
  • Brian De Palma: Scarface, (Carlitos Way)
  • Peter Jackson: Lord Of The Rings The Fellowship Of The Ring, (Braindead)
  • Guillermo Del Toro: Pans Laberynth, (Cronos)
  • Zack Snyder: Watchmen, (300)
  • Martin Scorsasee: Taxi Driver, (Cape Fear)
  • Ridley Scott: Alien, (Blade Runner)
  • James Cameron: Terminator, (Aliens)
  • John Carpenter: The Thing, (Halloween)
  • Matthew Vaughn: Layer Cake, (Kick Ass)
  • David Cronenberg: The Fly, (Shivers)
  • George A Romero: Dawn Of The Dead, (The Crazies)
  • Park Chan Wook: Oldboy, (Thirst)
  • Michael Mann: Heat, (Public Enemies)
  • Neil Marshall: The Decsent, (Dog Soldiers)
  • Roman Polanski: Rosemarys Baby, (The Pianist)
  • Steven Spielberg: Saving Private Ryan, (Jurrassic Park)
  • Judd Apatow: Funny People, (Knocked Up)
  • Stanley Kubrick: The Shining, (A Clockwork Orange)
  • Darren Arronofsky: Reqiuem For A Dream, (Pi)
  • Lars Von Trier: Dancer In The Dark, (Antichrist)
  • Joel Cohen: The Big Lebowski, (No Country For Old Men)
  • Oliver Stone: Natural Born Killers, (Platoon)
  • Rob Zombie: The Devils Rejects, (The Haunted World Of El Superbeasto)
  • Paul Verhoeven: Total Recall, (Starship Troopers)
  • Timur Bekmambetov: Night Watch, (Day Watch)
  • Tim Burton: Edward Scissorhands, (Batman Returns)
  • Mary Harron: American Psycho, (The Notorious Bettie Page)
  • Terry Gillingham: Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, (Twelve Monkies)
  • Robert Rodriguez: Sin City, (Once Upon A Time In Mexico)
  • Sam Raimi: Evil Dead 2, (Spiderman 2)
  • Kathren Bigelow: The Hurt Locker, (Point Break)
  • Trey Parker: South Park The Movie, (Team America)
  • Francis Ford Coppella: The Godfather Part 1, (Apocalypse Now)
  • Gus Van Sant: Elephant, (My Own Private Idaho)
  • Edgar Wright: Sean Of The Dead, (Hot Fuzz)
  • Zhang Yimou: Hero, (Curse Of The Golden Flower)
  • Bryan Singer: X-2, (Superman Returns)
  • Eli Roth: Cabin Fever, (Hostel)

Over the next few weeks I will be posting the reasoning for my choices and why these films were not only important for me but entertained and influence many!


February 3rd, 2011

Bring Back Bits!

Television these days is… well not quite as good as it used to be, in my opinion. These days its all doom and gloom, documentaries on how drugs effect young people who have never taken them or the one show! Yes thats right notice how obvious it is that im sturggling here! The only good shows i can think of are doctor who, top gear, nevermind the buzzcocks and well anything charlie brooker touches! But back in the day, o.a.p. time, television used to be an uncharted place! programmes would hide away in dark corners creating all sorts of wonderful genius for you to stumble upon and it felt almost exclusive! One of the most fantastical channels was channel 4, with its 4 later slot, which played out late on every evening! There was everything from odd independant movies, trippy shorts that would spook you out your mind and of course bits, the greatest television show on the box at that time!

With bits the premise was simple, get 3 rather amazing looking women, get them to review computer games and have them run about in costumes making dirty jokes and frolloking with the public! Slap it on at 2 in the morning and allow a cult of young men and probably women to venture into its gravitational pull! Every week you would stay up late, knowing all to well that school would be a nightmare the next day, watching random documentaries and dark and gloomy short films about drug taking, prostitution or vampires and await bits, the most random 25 minutes of your life, the excitment was immense! This show was clearly aimed at older viewers with its language, time slot, the whole idea of 3 insainly fit women presenting and the jokes were bordering on peverse some times, but it was just what any 13 year old was looking for. Presented by Alex, Emily and Bouff (My personal favorite) the show would spend most of its time allowing these girls to run about flirting with the viewer and cracking sex jokes about spiral the dragon, every so often they would include some casual drinking or some mad scenes with wacky costumes! This  was clearly low budjet, almost tacky but immensly good stuff! The reviews amazingly were pretty spot on also, the girls were not mere idiots who you would probably find presenting these shows today, oh no the reviews were accurate and not covered in geeky techno jargon so that even if you never knew all the technical terms it still made sense to you.

Bits sadly ended, probably due to lack of figures, how anyone gets good ratings at that time i dont know. Soon after 4 later followed, replaced by… well nothing! Gone, but not forgotton bits vanished without a trace, leaving everyone who had spent those prize moments oggiling, conversing about the favorite presenter and sometimes deciding what game to buy, crushed, nowhere to go, nothing to stay up for, unless you like wwf! And the wwf had hot girls, but they never played computer games and spoke to you in a kinky london accent! Bits i miss you and i cant be the only one! Bring back bits, seriously, it was fun and better than anything on television at the moment! Read that… FUN! Not death, famine, riots, death, fires, death, war, death, politics, death, flu virus that leads to death! FUN! You know what people  like to have? Jeez! Bouff, Alex and Emily we miss you! COME BACK AND SAVE TV FROM DEATH AND DESTRUCTION!

Ali x

February 1st, 2011

My Top 25 Horror Movies Of All Time!

Now before you say anything, I realise I probably missed out really important films and so on and so forth! But this list is my favorites, not the greatest of all time but my favorites, for those of you that read earlier post youll know who im aiming this one at! So working back the way:

25: Cabin Fever

24: Let The Right One In

23: Switchblade Romance

22: Death Proof

21: Lost Highway

20: [REC]

19: Audition

18: Carrie

17: The Devils Rejects

16: Candyman

15: Rosemarys Baby

14: The Mist

13: Evil Dead

12: Shivers

11: A Nightmare On Elm Street

10: Hellraiser

9: The Thing

8: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

7: Halloween

6: The Descent

5: Dawn Of The Dead

4: The Shining

3: The Blair Witch Project

2: Psycho

1: Alien

Randon, I know! Is that not what these things are for? lol

Ali x

January 31st, 2011

First Ranty Thing!

Hello and welcome to my first blog of the “new me era!”, Oh what fun we shall have! lol My main aim is to create rants mainly about things that are bugging me, probably offend a few people and also once every so often be uplifting and non ranty! (Lets be honest the chances of that are relatively slim) So whats happening in the world today, first off im slightly confused/annoyed at annoying, whinging (which is esstially what im doing), non grown up, self obsessed, know it all computer hide behinders, who spend their day sitting on forums, chats, those small posts at the bottom of every new page and complain about every single little minute detail that has been posted, or decide to bully people for not being able to spell properly, are people aware of a small thing called dyslexia? What about the famous line “thats not metal” which is also the most annoying thing that has cropped up in recent months due to someone allowing one track minded, monkey shafting, bum rubbing, cartons of baw juiced fuck nuggets out into the world wide web! Its nuts! honestly search the net and point out which website has not got a section with at least one virtual fight on it? Christ even porn websites have them, people arguing over porn, seriously has that day really dawned? I remember the good old days when any breasts that were remotley on show were amazin, unless they were over a certain age! I think what im trying to say is that why do people insist on being cunts online? is it because they have a virtual wall infront of them, allowing them to feel invincable or outright offensive? Or are they just another form of school bully? I feel they may be lacking something in life, maybe a life to begin with? “Download is shit this year cause the big 4 arent playing”, innocent download fan “Not really i love the line up”, Cunt “Well you clearly dont know what your talking about you fuckin non metal gimp, go back to your nursery school and draw pictures of your emo fringe you fucking nonce”! These quotes although fictious are not far off and in some cases they can be worse! Does anyone see the point in this? What do we gain from bullying people we dont even know? I know what your thinking, just dont check the forums! Good point but thats like saying there is a jew getting battered constantly by a nazi across the road, ill just walk on and it wont effect me! Forums can be a place of discussion, general hype for subject/event, a good way to spend half an hour! Yet we have these we pricks who think they own the joint because they dont know what fresh air is! Who is with me that we should do a jay and silent bob on their asses and go door to door with axes?

Much love Ali The Bali! x

Ali’s New Blog Thing!

Come and read what im ranting about!

Ali x